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Are you looking for car insurance for a short period of time? Cover for a week, one or two days, perhaps a weekend? Daily short term insurance gives you the choice of insuring a car or light van, whether you own it or have borrowed it, for as little as one single day up to 28 days.

There is a very short application form, and you can buy comprehensive cover for most drivers over the age of 18 and under 75 who have a reasonable to good driving record, and who have held a full driving licence for at least a year, provided that the car they wish to insure is an unmodified UK registered one which is on the insurer's database. This database contains most cars which have been sold in the UK for the last 10 years. The car to be insured could belong to you, or it could be one that you have borrowed from someone else, provided that it is not one that is owned by a car rental company, or one that you have hired.

Buying one of these policies is simplicity itself, and takes very little time indeed. It is only necessary to have available your driving licence details and the registration details (in other words, the number plate) of the vehicle you wish to insure, and you can get a quote within just a moment or so. If the quotation is acceptable and you go ahead and buy the policy everything then happens very quickly; you can have immediate cover if you wish or schedule it to start at any time during the next four weeks, and you are sent a link by e-mail from which you can download all the necessary legal documentation, which means that you can print it out on the spot and you will then have your insurance certificate available right away, instead of having to wait for it to arrive through the post.

Premiums are calculated according to many factors, including age, postcode, and driving record.

Although these types of policy were completely unheard-of several years ago, short term car insurance is now a well-established and popular way of buying car insurance.


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