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Why can you now buy just a single day's car insurance when for decades you had to fork out for a whole year? Simple. The demand is there and buying online through an automated system makes it economical for the insurers, with no hefty fees to pay the overheads of insurance brokers. Please don't think that this means that your 24-hour policy will cost you 1/365 of a yearly policy though because things are never so simple but temporary insurance like this has proved economical enough for more than half 1 million UK motorists to buy it from one company alone so far.

Just a word of caution which applies to all short term motor insurance policies; once you have bought your cover, which you can do 24-hour day, seven days a week, you are offered the chance to download the policy documents immediately and it would be a good idea to do this and either print them out or store them on a tablet or mobile phone. The reason for this is that all vehicle insurance policies in the UK are stored on a central database which is accessed thousands of times a day by police forces throughout the UK who are checking up on whether or not drivers are insured. Unfortunately this database is usually at least a day or so out of date which means that by the time your policy has been recorded on it it will already have expired. If you are stopped in the meanwhile by a police officer for any reason whatsoever he or she would almost certainly check on your insurance status and to be able to produce written or digital proof that you have cover could be invaluable. The law at the moment is very hot on uninsured motorists so if you intend to drive a car which does not belong to you or one that you have laid up for a while you could make sure that you stay legal by buying a policy now. Get a fast quote here.

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