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Frequently Asked Questions

Please bear in mind that we do not sell or advise on short-term car insurance policies, we merely provide information. The exact terms and conditions will vary from company to company but this is a list of typical questions and answers; you should check with the company that you decide to do business with just what their own policies are.

What type of cars can be insured?

In order to keep matters as simple as possible short-term car insurers tend to have a restricted list of vehicles which they will consider, and these include most of the popular cars in the UK. They should be right-hand drive vehicles, first registered and kept within the UK and should of course be properly maintained with a current MOT certificate. Modified cars are usually refused cover apart from those modified to run on LPG and certain modifications to assist disabled drivers.

At what age can I obtain cover?

Depending upon the company you deal with, the lower age limit is between 19 and 25 with a maximum age of 75 specified by the major insurers.

Can I still get cover if I have convictions?

Whether or not a client is accepted by an insurer depends on many different factors, and driving convictions are just one of them. One or two fairly minor convictions or accidents within the last five years will not be a bar for most people although it is likely that they would affect the premium.

Can I use the car for business purposes?

Generally cover is restricted to social domestic and pleasure use, and commuting. Using a vehicle as a taxi for hire or reward is generally excluded and using it for light deliveries in connection with a business would also be frowned upon unless this is specifically included in the insurer's general terms. It is possible to find indemnity for such practices as parcel or pizza delivery at the cost of an extra premium.

Does it matter what I do for a living?

Generally people who work in the motor trade, are sportspeople or entertainers are specifically excluded owing to the extra risks that are common to their employment.

Can I use short-term car insurance to buy a tax disc?

You should be able to, provided that the policy covers the vehicle on the day that the insurance is due to commence. Before issuing a tax disc following an Internet application a query will be made to the Motor Insurance Database which is usually very slightly out of date so a few days should be allowed from the start of a policy before making an application. Post office counter staff are now advised to accept downloaded documents but some of them may be reluctant to do so since they are so easy to alter so you may be better buying the disc via the Internet or the telephone.

My car has been impounded. Can I use short-term car insurance to get it back?

No. Neither, in most cases, can you rely on a policy owned by someone else which covers that person for any vehicle; impounded cars are usually specifically excluded from this type of cover. You will need to obtain a full insurance policy or perhaps a pay as you go one. For more information try here.

How long does it take to buy a policy?

You can apply for a short term car insurance quotation at any time of day or night and, provided that you have a credit/debit card, the vehicle's registration details, your own driving licence details and the permission of the owner of the vehicle you wish to cover if it is a borrowed one, you could have a policy in place within just a few minutes.

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