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My views on short term car insurance

So, short term car insurance. What is its purpose? My first experience taking out short term car insurance was for a road trip with a couple of friends to a music festival. We were taking my friend’s car, but it was a long journey so it only seemed fair to split the driving between the three of us. I’d recently passed my driving test, and my other friend had passed years before but didn’t own her own car. The cost for a few days cover was surprisingly reasonable – far less than the cost of train tickets to our destination instead!

Arranging the cover went pretty smoothly, we ordered the policy online a week before to arrange the cover, and received the appropriate documents in swift fashion. There was one blip – my friend, whose name is obviously female, was listed as a Mr on the documents! In hindsight we probably should have got this corrected, but at the time we let it slide, finding it fairly amusing instead. Suffice to say, we referred to our friend as Mr. Kath the entire weekend…

The drive down was almost without incident, though there was a scary moment where one of us ran out of feeder lane on the motorway – no one would let us out! My friend managed to go from 0-70mph in a time I wouldn’t have thought possible, but it was a bit touch and go for a minute there!

Short term car insurance is great for situations like ours – it meant we could share driving duties whilst keeping down the cost. For anyone considering a long journey with friends, it’s definitely worth investigating as an option. We had thought about taking the train originally, but exorbitant ticket prices, coupled with the idea of making a long journey back on public transport after a long, potentially muddy, showerless weekend wasn’t exactly appealing.

Another purpose for short term car insurance is slightly more specific, but there are options out there for learner drivers. The idea is that they can take out insurance on their parent’s car for 1-30 days. My cousin used this option when he was learning to drive, and it gave him great flexibility. There were times when the family car was in use, so there was no point in him being insured on it (as this would have also bumped up the yearly insurance significantly due to his age and gender), but when it wasn’t, he could ring up and arrange the insurance in minutes. It certainly worked out a lot cheaper than driving lessons would have cost, and as my uncle is a good driver it seemed silly to pay someone else to teach my cousin. In any case, he passed his test on the first time of asking.

There are no doubt many other examples where short term car insurance can come in handy. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use it again, and for those who can drive but don’t own their own car, it’s a great option to have on hand.

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